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OPEN-SOURCE HOST CHOSEN (updated May 20, 2010)

We are happy to announce that we have donated the MARCView and MARConvert source code to OCLC, Inc., of Dublin, Ohio, USA. It is now free to the community under the Apache 2.0 license. Information about the software and how to download it may be found at Information about the tools required to work with the code are in the documentation that is part of the software download.

Please note: The download does NOT contain an executable for MARConvert, because MARConvert must be customized for each purpose. If you have routine conversion requirements, you would be better off using one of the other tools on the market.

Because of this new arrangement, we are no longer offering MARCView or MARConvert for sale.


In 2008, after 16 years, we decided to stop developing MARCView and MARConvert in order to focus on other projects.

As of 2012, support has ended for MARCView and MARCovert.

We thank all our clients for their business and suggestions over the years. Sixteen years is a long run!

Current release: 3.12.2 (September 19, 2008)

Bug fixes

1. Searching fields 010-099 with a subfield code returned "found but cannot highlight" if the subfield did not exist.

2. Hexview data was cut off for some fonts.

MARCView is the easiest way to view, search, and print ANSI/ISO standard MARC records, UNIMARC records, and MARCXML records. It will also handle many files that are not strictly MARC. (It cannot be used to edit MARC records.)

"I want to thank you sincerely for this tool. The hex view has been a godsend, the pricing and licensing structure is refreshingly reasonable, the program is easy to load and to use. Thanks very much for MARCView!"

"I don't know how anyone operates without MARCView!!!"

Unsolicited comments from MARCView users

There is no limit to the number of records in a file (the largest file we know has been used with MARCView is 1.6 million records). The file size is limited to 2 gigabytes (2,147,483,647 bytes).

Handles records up to the MARC limit of 99,999 bytes and fields up to the MARC limit of 9,999 bytes.

MARCView does not modify your files in any way.

Display and Navigation Features

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  • Reads MARC21 records with MARC-8, UTF-8, or Latin-1 encoding.
  • Reads MARCXML records with UTF-8 encoding.
  • Reads UNIMARC records.
  • Displays special characters and diacriticals correctly if there are corresponding Latin-1 characters.
  • For MARC21 files, reads Leader byte 09, which indicates whether the record is in MARC-8 or UTF-8. (This allows for files of mixed MARC-8 and UTF-8 records.)
  • Scrollable Navigation Grid in left pane. Selected record is shown in right pane. You decide what fields and subfields to show in the Navigation Grid.
  • Panes and columns are resizable by dragging.
  • Prints any record the same way it appears on the screen. Prints a single record, a range of records, or the entire file.
  • Displayed record (or portion) may be copied and pasted into another application.
  • Display font is user-selectable.


Click image for larger view
  • Search for any term, including terms with diacriticals.
  • Search for data in specific fields and subfields.
  • Search for the presence of specific tags and subfield codes.
  • Search on indicator values.
  • Tags may include the "x" wildcard character.
  • Search Leader or specific Leader bytes.
  • Terms found in search are highlighted.

Display the MARC Record in Native Format

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  • By clicking a button, you can view and print the original MARC record in hexadecimal and text view (works for all formats: MARC21, MARCXML, UNIMARC).
  • Color coded to make it easier to read. If you double-click on a MARC21 or UNIMARC directory entry, the corresponding field is highlighted too; double-clicking on a field highlights the directory entry too.
  • By changing the width of the Hexview window, you can cause the record to wrap according to your needs.
  • MARCXML records are displayed in color-coded XML format.
  • A separate Hexview window is opened for each record, so you can compare several records in their native format.


Click image for larger view
  • Record- and field-level statistics on the MARC file (MARC21, UNIMARC, and MARCXML). (Enlarge the image to see what statistics are reported.)
  • Statistics can be printed.


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  • Settings let you customize MARCView.
  • Records can include non-numeric tags (e.g. RLIN acquisitions fields).
  • Separate settings for bibliographic and authority files, and for UNIMARC files.

Other Features

  • MARCView is guaranteed to read any file of MARC21, UNIMARC, or MARCXML bibliographic or authority records, in MARC-8, UTF-8, or Latin-1 -- or we fix it free, except files over 2 GB. (Our record is perfect since 1992 -- no file of true MARC records has been unreadable!)
  • Shows complete fields with no truncation.
  • Runs under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista.
  • Complete context-sensitive web-based Help and tooltips. Help buttons in MARCView go directly to the relevant page of the Help website if you are connected to the Internet.

Release History

Here are the major features of the last few releases.

Release 3.12 (current release)

  • Printing of Hexview windows
  • Searching on indicator values

Release 3.11 (January 11, 2006)

  • MARC-8 escape sequences are displayed.
  • Non-roman characters are displayed as green boxes instead of being dropped.
  • Statistics report can be printed.
  • Edit menu for copying records or parts of records

Release 3.10 (June 30, 2005)

  • You may enter a value of 0 for the "Maximum records in Navigation Grid" in the Settings, if you don't want the grid built at all.
  • You may use the keyboard to scroll the Navigation Grid.
  • Supports double-clicking in Windows Explorer to open files with MARCView.
  • "Send To" handles filenames with spaces.

Release 3.9 (August 29, 2004)

  • Display, search, and print MARCXML files.
  • Search up to 10 times faster in some cases.
  • Saves the list of the last 9 files viewed for one-click reopening.

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